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June 11, 2020 By Timothy Chiu, VP of Marketing
Ways to Detect Application Security Vulnerabilities Sooner to Reduce Costs and Risk
A new article on covers 5 ways to detect application security vulnerabilities sooner.  Finding and remediating application security vulnerabilities before the application goes to production can help alleviate breaches in production, and help cut down on the lengthier remediation times that seem inevitable once an application has already gone to production.  We’ve seen that during this COVID-19 pandemic time period that some organizations are moving their applications more quickly to the cloud, and one by-product of this acceleration to the cloud is often missed opportunities to test for vulnerabilities and security issues in the application code.  This article is a good reminder to take a step back and re-examine what your organization needs to do to reduce the security risk when bringing your applications to production by detecting security vulnerabilities sooner.
Why should an organization care?  The article points out the obvious up front:
Security testing has always been an important step in the application development process. Yet, traditional measures often occur too late in the process to effectively find and fix vulnerabilities before causing costly production delays, or worse, putting organizations at risk for potential security breaches. To minimize security-related costs and risks, testing needs to occur sooner and more frequently throughout the development process.

The article looks at five ways automated technology tools can help safeguard the CI/CD pipeline: SAST, detecting OSS vulnerabilities, identifying compromising credentials, DAST and verifying cloud infrastructure security.  These are all great suggestions for helping to detect security vulnerabilities earlier.

K2 Cyber Security offers a solution that can work along side standard vulnerability and penetration testing tools like SAST and DAST.  K2’s solution provides two significant benefits over running these test tools alone:

  • K2 provides significant additional detail and telemetry on discovered vulnerabilities including which file name and line number in the code has the discovered vulnerability.
  • K2 can find additional vulnerabilities in the code that the test tools may have missed.  In our recent testing we have found 50% more vulnerabilities than in standard testing tools alone.

By deploying the K2 agent on the pen testing/QA server, with no change to the testing methodology or setup, you can gain significant insight into vulnerabilities in your application code, and you can significantly reduce the time to remediate these vulnerabilities with the additional telemetry provided by the K2 Security Platform.

K2’s solution also runs in production environments to protect running web applications and application workloads.  K2’s runtime deterministic application security platform monitors the application and has a deep understanding of the application’s control flows, DNA and execution.  By validating the application’s control flows, deterministic security is based on the application itself, rather than relying on past attacks to determine a zero day attack.  Deterministic security results in the detection of sophisticated zero day attacks and also protects from application from the risks listed in the OWASP Top Ten, including XSS.

K2’s Next Generation Application Workload Protection Platform addresses today’s need for runtime security in an easy to use, easy to deploy solution.  K2’s unique deterministic security detects new attacks without the need to rely on past attack knowledge, is lightweight, and adds under a millisecond of latency to the running application.  To aid in quick remediation of vulnerabilities, K2 also provides detailed attack telemetry including the code module and line number being in the code being attacked, while at the same time integrating with leading firewalls to do real time attacker blocking.

Change how you develop and protect your applications.

Find out more about K2 today by requesting a demo, or get your free trial.



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K2 Cyber Security delivers the Next Generation Application Security Platform to secure web applications and container workloads against sophisticated attacks in OWASP Top 10 and provides exploitable vulnerability detection during pre-production. K2’s Platform is deployed on production servers for runtime protection of applications and on pen-testing/pre-production/QA servers for interactive application security testing to identify the location of the vulnerable code. K2’s solution generates almost no false positives, eliminates breaches due to zero-day attacks, detects attacks missed by traditional security tools like Web Application Firewalls and host based EDR, finds missed exploitable vulnerabilities and dramatically reduces security cost. K2 Cyber Security is headquartered in the USA and provides cyber security solutions globally.


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