Securing the Hybrid Cloud

K2 has developed a revolutionary method for stopping zero-day exploits on applications that does not rely on any prior knowledge about the underlying vulnerability in the application or the attack methodology used by the attacker. Many cyber security solutions claim the ability to detect zero-day attacks, but none actually detect or prevent zero-day attacks. The current security solutions lack effectiveness because they are behavior or signature-based solutions which can be bypassed and create too many false positives. K2 has developed a revolutionary method for validating the runtime state of an application by operationalizing Control Flow Integrity without having to instrument the application and with minimal overhead. Thus, for the first time it has become possible to prevent exploitation of zero-day or unknown vulnerabilities in real time without having to rely on expensive analytics.

Redefining Security for Hybrid Cloud

The K2 platform prevents cyberattacks in real-time on unpatched software, web applications, and workloads running in VMs or containers or on bare metal. K2’s breakthrough in operationalizing Control Flow Integrity technology has for the first-time enabled detecting and preventing exploits in real time without false positives. In addition to protection from infiltration, the K2 platform also provides dynamic micro segmentation to fully protect the application infrastructure and prevents lateral movement of threats.

Deterministic Prevention

K2 unambiguously differentiates between an attack and normal execution of an application and covers all classes of attacks resulting in the first future-proof deterministic security solution.

Zero-Day Protection

K2’s approach for operationalizing control flow ensures that the application will always execute as designed, thus making all unpatched vulnerabilities unexploitable and making applications secure against zero-day attacks.

No False Positives

Validating runtime execution of the application and not relying on any knowledge about the underlying vulnerability results in a solution with no false positives that plague other analytics and signature-based methods.

Real-Time Detection

K2’s approach operates at the instruction level which means attacks will be detected instantaneously. The dramatic reduction in attack time discovery makes it possible to prevent any significant damage.

Dynamic Micro Segmentation

The K2 platform enables true dynamic microsegmentation by assigning identities to workloads and attaching security policies to them, thereby preventing malicious lateral movement of the attacker.

Complete Visibility

K2 provides complete visibility into the applications deployed in the data center along with a complete connectivity map making it easy to apply micro segmentation and collect records for deep forensic investigation.

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