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Data Exposure on Geico's Website

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April 20, 2021

Data Exposure on Geico’s Website

CyberWire Pro wrote about the recent TechCrunch report that Geico, the second largest automobile insurer in the US, has discovered that hackers have been stealing customers’ driver’s license information from their sales website. This type of data is often prized by cybercriminals seeking to file for fraudulent unemployment benefits, as license numbers are required as a form of identification by US benefits authorities. The company did not disclose how many individuals were impacted, but they did notify the California state attorney general’s office of the issue, as is required when a breach affects more than five hundred residents. Engadget adds that the data was exposed from January 21 to March 1 and that Geico has secured the website as they investigate the cause of the incident.

K2’s VP, Timothy Chiu was tapped for commentary on the Geico Data Breach by CyberWire Pro.

Click here to read more about the Geico Data Breach and K2’s commentary.


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