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news-highlightsCybersecurity Expert Commentary: SITA Data Breach | K2 Security

Cybersecurity Expert Commentary: SITA Data Breach

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March 10, 2021

Cybersecurity Expert Commentary: SITA Data Breach

Global air transport data giant SITA has confirmed a data breach involving passenger data. The company said in a brief statement on Thursday that it had been the “victim of a cyberattack,” and that certain passenger data stored on its U.S. servers had been breached. The cyberattack was confirmed on February 24, after which the company contacted affected airlines.

isBuzzNews tapped K2’s VP of Marketing for commentary:

Timothy Chiu, Vice President of Marketing for K2 Cyber Security, commented:

“NIST added specific requirements around application security.

The SITA breach is a good reminder that it is not just your own organization’s security that is mission critical, the security of your third party partners and suppliers is just as important.”

Click here to read the isBuzzNews article on the SITA breach


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