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CFI-Based Application Protection

The most difficult to defend against attack vector for enterprises is their application infrastructure that may harbor zero-day and unpatched vulnerabilities. An overwhelming majority of attacks target these exploitable vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access while bypassing layers of security. Any exploit detection method that is based on analytics, machine learning, or anomaly monitoring can be bypassed. The reason is such methods invariably rely on prior knowledge about the underlying vulnerability or attack methodology, therefore they end up failing against new exploits. Challenges in securing the application infrastructure are further exacerbated with move to cloud.

K2 has developed the first Control Flow Integrity (CFI) based Cloud Workload Protection Platform in the market. This revolutionary solution offers a unique, deterministic approach to securing applications against attacks in today’s high-risk security environments. K2’s solutions protects any software, including unpatched applications, against the most sophisticated zero-day attacks and does not yield any false positives.

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Application-Based Segmentation & Firewall

As applications move to the cloud, traditional network firewalls and segmentation lose effectiveness because these firewalls rely on IP address, port, and protocol based rules for enforcing access control and as the infrastructure becomes dynamic, the IP address based network traffic control and segmentation is not feasible. Securing application workloads in a dynamic environment requires that the Cloud Workload Protection Platform must be able to understand traffic and application infrastructure in real time without relying on underlying IP addresses in order to correctly enforce security policies. This cannot be achieved via static rules that quickly become obsolete or updating rules based on monitoring where a lag exists that permits unauthorized access or denies legitimate access.

K2 has developed a new approach for enforcing firewall and segmentation based on strong identity for application workloads that does not rely on IP addresses. The identities can be cryptographically validated to defeat spoofing. Firewall and segmentation policies are applied at each workload to ensure correctness and scaling. K2’s unique solution overcomes the security challenges with traditional firewall and segmentation solutions in today’s modern hybrid data center.

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