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Protect against Log4J without patching
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Leadership Team


Pravin Madhani

CEO & Co-Founder

Pravin is a successful serial entrepreneur and executive. Before starting K2 Cyber Security, Pravin was General Manager of the IC Implementation Division of Mentor Graphics. Pravin joined Mentor through acquisition of Sierra Design Automation where he was Founder, President & CEO. Prior to Sierra, Pravin was Founder, President & CEO of Everest Design Automation, which was acquired by Synopsys. Pravin received his Masters in Computer Engineering from UT at Austin and his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from IIT at Mumbai. Pravin is a core member of UT Austin Silicon Valley Engineering Advisory Council (SVEAC), and he is also on the advisory board of the ECE department at UT Austin.

Jayant Shukla

CTO & Co-Founder

Jayant Shukla is co-founder and CTO of K2 Cyber Security. Jayant is passionate about developing the next generation tools and technologies for securing modern compute infrastructure and break the perpetual catchup game resulting from advanced attacks and zero-day exploits. Prior to K2, Jayant was the founder of Trlokom where he pioneered protection of applications using sandboxes and developed SpyWALL, the first commercial sandbox for the web browser. At Trlokom he also build the first solution for end-to-end secure communications between clients through multiple gateways and network address translation. Jayant holds a BS from IIT Mumbai and MS/PhD from Carnegie Mellon university.

Alex Begun

Chief Revenue Officer

Alex “Sasha” Begun serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at K2 Cyber Security. Prior to K2 Cyber Security, Alex worked in a variety of technical roles in cyber security before moving into a successful sales career leveraging his technical background with a proven record of bringing unique solutions to market at companies such as Qualys, Rapid7, Synopsys, Akamai and Juniper Networks. Alex has an MBA from CSU East Bay.


Ashok Krishnamurthi

Great Point Ventures

Ashok is a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on the intersection of computer science and life sciences, and enterprise IT. Most recently he founded two medical related companies: CAPP Medical, a liquid biopsy company for cancer diagnosis that he sold to Roche Diagnostics, and CiberMed which focuses on biomarker discovery. Previously he founded Xsigo, a provider of advanced data center connectivity, which he sold to Oracle. Prior to Xsigo, Ashok was one of the early technologists at Juniper Networks where he helped develop many of the products that power today’s internet. Ashok has also been an early investor in a number of innovative companies like GoEuro, Reflektion, OttoQ, Veradocs, Falcon Systems, Robin Systems, and Scoredata amongst others.

Peter Lee

Embark Ventures

Peter Lee is the Founding Managing Partner at Embark Ventures, a seed stage venture capital fund based in Los Angeles focused on “deep tech” companies in industries such as robotics, advanced manufacturing, and cybersecurity. Prior to entering venture capital, he was the VP of Product at a venture backed startup in the digital media space. Peter was a manager with McKinsey and also worked as a product manager at Microsoft. Peter earned his BS and MS at MIT, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Eric Grosse

Technical Advisor

Eric has recently retired as Google’s VP Security & Privacy Engineering, after almost ten wonderful years working with a team of passionate and talented people. His team’s accomplishments include improved and wider use of network encryption, stronger consumer authentication technology, detection and blocking of foreign espionage, transparency on government request for data, sophisticated malware analysis, tools and frameworks for safer building of web applications. Before Google, Eric was a Research Director and Fellow at Bell Labs. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford.

Robert Bigman

Technical Advisor

Robert Bigman retired after thirty years in the U.S. Government intelligence, including fifteen years as the CISO of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He specializes in building effective cyber security programs and new techniques to resist hacking from sophisticated (Nation-State) supported organizations. Over the course of his career he has served as a cyber security consultant to the agency, intelligence community, national security council, presidential commissions and congressional oversight committees. Beyond his work with government agencies, he has influenced the development of commercial operating systems (e.g., Microsoft Windows), applications (e.g., Oracle data base), networking (e.g., Citrix Zen) and numerous cyber security products.

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K2 Cyber Security delivers the Next Generation Application Security Platform to secure web applications and container workloads against sophisticated attacks in OWASP Top 10 and provides exploitable vulnerability detection during pre-production. K2’s Platform is deployed on production servers for runtime protection of applications and on pen-testing/pre-production/QA servers for interactive application security testing to identify the location of the vulnerable code. K2’s solution generates almost no false positives, eliminates breaches due to zero-day attacks, detects attacks missed by traditional security tools like Web Application Firewalls and host based EDR, finds missed exploitable vulnerabilities and dramatically reduces security cost. K2 Cyber Security is headquartered in the USA and provides cyber security solutions globally.


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