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April 23, 2020 By Timothy Chiu, VP of Marketing
Virus Fears Accelerating Move to the Cloud

There has been a number of recent articles pointing to the rapid move to the cloud during these uncertain times with COVID-19. Microsoft saw an unprecedented 775% increase in cloud usage in March 2020.  And TheNextWeb reports about increases of companies speeding up transitions to cloud-based services hosted in AWS, Azure and other cloud platforms.  A lot of this increase is the move to collaborative tools in the cloud like Microsoft Teams and Zoom video conferencing phenomenon, but as TheNextWeb indicates part of this is also getting apps into AWS, Azure and other cloud hosting platforms.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has your organization moving up the timetables to getting your applications to the cloud, it is important that security is not left behind.  While hosting providers like AWS, Azure and others will tell you their platforms are secure, that security refers to their infrastructure, and does not extend to your applications running on their infrastructure.

The most effective security for applications running in the cloud is security that monitors every action taken by the application, one that runs on the same server as the application. The security platform needs to monitor the application during run-time, and offer protection for new sophisticated zero day attacks including memory based attacks, along with protection against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

K2’s Next Generation Application Workload Protection Platform addresses these run-time security needs in an easy to use, easy to deploy solution.  K2’s unique deterministic security detects new attacks without the need to rely on past attack knowledge, is lightweight, and adds under a millisecond of latency to the running application.  K2 also provides attack telemetry including the code module and line number being in the code being attacked, while at the same time integrating with leading firewalls to do real time attacker blocking.  Find out more about K2 today by requesting a demo, or get your free trial.

Change how you protect your applications and check out K2’s application workload security.

Find out more about K2 today by requesting a demo, or get your free trial.



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K2 Cyber Security delivers the Next Generation Application Workload Protection Platform to secure web applications and container workloads against sophisticated attacks including OWASP Top 10 and memory-based attacks, and provides additional vulnerability detection. K2’s Platform is deployed on production servers for runtime protection of applications and on pen-testing/pre-production servers to identify the location of the vulnerable code in real-time. K2’s solution generates almost no false alerts, eliminates breaches due to zero-day attacks, detects attacks missed by traditional security tools including Web Application Firewalls, and dramatically reduces security cost. K2 Cyber Security is located in the USA, and provides cyber security solutions globally.


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