About K2

We help enterprises stay secure

At K2, we are pioneering the next generation of solutions to deliver unprecedented security for enterprise hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The traditional methods used for securing on-premise data centers are no longer effective in today’s hybrid cloud and microservices-based application environments. K2 addresses these problems with a revolutionary approach that is both, efficient and highly effective.

Our breakthrough approach of optimized control flow integrity deterministically protects any software, including unpatched applications, against the most sophisticated attacks and does not yield any false positives. With K2, security operations teams only receive highly accurate alerts on infiltration attempts in real time and could stop lateral movement of attackers.

K2 offers a revolutionary solution, based on fundamental advances, to help enterprises stay secure in today’s high-risk security environments.


K2’s vision is to forever eclipse the advantage that an attacker holds over the defender. We believe in a world with no more breaches, lower cost of defense, and definitively secure enterprises.

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K2 is an enterprise security software provider and hires eclectic talent in software engineering, QA and sales support. If you are looking for work that will stand the test of time and wish to work with talented people, get in touch with us today!